Public Art Symposium

In May 2017 the Public Art: New Ways of Thinking & Working symposium will be hosted by the Department of Visual Art and Art History at York University.

Public Art: New Ways of Thinking and Working will be held on May 18th, 19th and 20th 2017 on York University’s Keele Campus.  The goal of this symposium is to critically examine the current state of Canadian contemporary public art practices and processes in the context of innovations happening internationally. Through critical examination of questions such as how is public art is being made; what is the role and agency of curation, audience and criticality in public art; how can commissioning more accurately reflect contemporary visual arts practices; and what might public art and its processes look like in the future, Public Art: New Ways of Thinking and Working will further the discourse surrounding the role of public art and its continued redefinition. It will be organized around two key conference themes: News Ways of Thinking and Working, and Policies and Processes.

The symposium will offer a forum for active research, critical debate and honest dialogue in the field of public art from the perspective of both study and practice. The symposium will support an international perspective across disciplines of visual arts, curatorial practice, architecture, art history, city planning, with academics, practitioners and enthusiasts exploring the shifting role of contemporary public practice.